Validate new branches & ATM locations

Validate every inch of your big investment with our thematic mapping data. Find the most suitable sites for new bank locations and ATMs for maximum return


Validate new branches & ATM locations

Integrating location intelligence for banks

Changing consumer preferences, growing competition and increasing expectations for better customer experiences add up to major challenges for the banking industry. We help our banking clients solve these challenges and create a strong positioning with our meaningful data.

Keep up with changing consumer dynamics

Network strategy and planning is probably the first step towards removing friction from your customer’s journey and providing more on-the-go services. Expand your service coverage with advanced mapping data and analytics.

Reduce the risk of investments

GapMaps help banks reduce the risk of their investments in the volatile banking market. Our banking clients have experienced better profitability and lesser cost pressure by making data-rich & informed decisions.

Retain & attract more customers

Stay ahead of the curve with deeper insights about your customers' needs. Read customer behaviour patterns and spot the latest trends. Be prepared with innovative and hands-on service before your customer even demands it.

Get monthly network retail report

We continually analyse the retail banking sector. The retail banking sector is undergoing significant change, largely driven by reductions in over-the-counter transactions. See how this is impacting branch networks.

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Peter Holmes

Lead Contact

Peter Holmes

General Manager Asia | Phone: +61 414 443 618

In his role as GM Asia, Peter uses his extensive location intelligence experience across different industries and geographies to support clients to make the right location decisions. A senior executive with extensive experience in network planning and distribution channel strategy, he creates value through the connection from data analysis and insight to strategy to execution to solve business challenges for clients.