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Make better location
decisions, faster.

GapMaps Live is the easy-to-use solution on one simple platform that helps you make great location decisions with increased confidence. GapMaps Live is the only tool you need to make better location decisions, faster.

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Reduce your risk. Increase your confidence. Maximise your success.

When you need to make complex growth or investment decisions, you want the best location intelligence platform you can find. Welcome to GapMaps Live.

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GapMaps Live is loved across industries

Fast Food & QSR

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Fitness & Wellbeing

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Medical & Healthcare

Medical & Healthcare



Supermarket /
Grocery Stores

Supermarket / Grocery Stores



Commercial & Professional Services

Commercial & Professional Services

Trusted by over 500 leading brands


Retail Fuel Developments

“Without GapMaps we could do due diligance on three future sites a week. Now we can do 50. And we can look at sites from Cairns to Adelaide and make decisions in hours. With the insights from GapMaps in my back pocket, there has never been one occassion where I approached a potential site partner and they said they weren’t interested in collaborating. Developers may say, “I can get the same information on RP Data or Google”. Anyone who is working this way is wasting their time. As a valuer, why you are not using GapMaps is beyond me.”


Collective Wellness Group

“I use GapMaps every day. We visually build out trade areas, create trade data and analyze performance across the group. Good quality data helps pose deeper questions across the business - and this data has a compounding effect - especially when we can leverage it across brands. GapMaps gives the company’s directors confidence that we are making decisions based on data, not gut feel. Using a platform like GapMaps helps us build the future of the brand without compromising the integrity of our existing business. Risk increases as your company scales. GapMaps is a powerful risk reduction tool.”


Group MD and CEO Eat’n’Go Ltd

“GapMaps has a unique ability to create high quality location intelligence data and insights in some very data-challenged countries. The quality of their data and simple to use platform has enabled me to introuduce world class market and network planning processes to businesses where network planning had previously been quite rudimentary.”

In 21 countries … and still growing!

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If you’re looking for one simple, easy-to-use location intelligence platform, you need GapMaps Live.

Ease of Use

Simple to use

You’ll be up and running in no time

GapMaps Live is available in the cloud where it’s easy to set up and use. You don’t need sophisticated mapping skills to get started. It’s simple to learn and pays big dividends.

Ease of Use

Find new
customers fast

Know where your customers are in your catchments

Use GapMaps Live’s powerful insights to visualise all the latest location intel down to the smallest level data blocks. Finding new customers has never been so easy.

New Catchment

Know thy enemy

Analyse your competition in granular detail

Understand your competitive landscape. GapMaps Live lets you visualise all competitor and reference brand locations across multiple industry sectors. Act with powerful knowledge at your fingertips and beat the competition hands down.


Increase your sales

Discover untapped catchment areas

GapMaps Live gives you tremendous flexibility in creating catchments based on visitation patterns to validate your business case. Visualise customer travel patterns to and from a location and understand how long they visit and when they visit to maximise your sales.

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GapMaps Live is packed with powerful features

Make it yours

Customise to your heart’s content

You can tailor your account to reflect your industry or your organisation. Get the data and insights you need to inform your strategies. GapMaps Live is built to serve your purpose.

Use intel to thrive

Discover untapped catchment areas

GapMaps Live gives you tremendous flexibility in creating catchments based on customer patterns to validate your business case. Find value and profit from superior location intel.

Make market planning a joy

Explore insights that support your decisions

Market planning is made simple when you can see in detail how your customers interact with your network locations. Enjoy the powerful data and visualisations that show you where your target customers live, work and play. Take advantage of these insights to act fast with confidence.

See it your way

Visualise both the macro and the micro

A picture is worth a thousand words. See the big picture of your whole network or drill down to the details of one location. You can create custom location types and labels, making it easy to visualise and manage your entire portfolio of sites. Across the city or the globe.

Boost your success

Add your data to refine opportunities

GapMaps Live doesn’t only use the best location intel available. It also allows you to integrate your own sales data, customer location or performance insights for optimum opportunities. Maximise your success with ease.

Go Large or go small

Scale sales & territories to suit your business

How many locations should you have in a market? GapMaps Live helps you find the right answer using any metrics you choose to drive your business success. Select from a wide range of factors that clarify your strategies and goals.

Fast track approvals

Export your data to speed up developments

GapMaps Live makes it simple to export a list of competitors or generator locations in your catchment. Include all the available intel to speed up your developments by using GapMaps Live data within your reporting or feasibility reports.

Optimise your store density

View your network’s travel time catchments

This powerful tool helps to quickly identify whitespace or store optimisation opportunities across your entire network. You can define your catchments by travel type — drive time or walk time — time of day and day of week.

Analyse your catchments

Study all the metrics to enhance your success

It’s easy to get a quick snapshot of key metrics or download a comprehensive catchment report capturing all the available metrics and insights. Include socioeconomic factors, demographics or competitor intel.

Real-time Dataset Updates

Access real-time data updates

Experience the power to access and update site details and company datasets in real-time. Stay nimble when you’re on the move with the GapMaps Connect mobile app. The world doesn’t stand still and neither does GapMaps Live.

GapMaps Live Datasets

Points of Interest Data

Understand your competitive landscape with access to point of interest data

GapMaps tracks thousands of brands and millions of points of interest across multiple sectors, including Retail, Cafes, Supermarkets, Child Care and many more. You’ll always have the most up-to-date view of competitor and reference brand locations.

Visitation Data

Understand visitation patterns across your network

GapMaps tracks over 1.6b mobile devices across 44 countries allowing you to analyse visits to your locations, competitor locations or generator locations by time of day and day of week to get the most accurate view of your catchment areas and identify growth or optimisation opportunities.

Commercial Property Data

Get the best commercial property intel in Australia with Commercial Real Estate powered by Domain (AU/NZ only)

Access commercial real estate data through an integration with Commercial Real Estate. View properties for sale or lease across Australia within the GapMaps Live platform.

Supply and Demand Insights

Discover industry-leading, supply-and-demand insights

The GapMaps Live supply-and-demand insights reveal areas of high demand and low supply. GapMaps performs a regular deep-dive across multiple sectors to inform your location decisions choices with the latest demographic, economic, customer and competitor intel. It takes the guesswork out of decision-making and sets you up for success.

Generator Data

Analyse movement generators within your market to grow

Generators are locations that create customer movement and attraction. They’re likely to generate sales for proposed locations you may be considering, like shopping centres, schools and universities. Get the edge on your market with a generator.

Planning and Development Permit Monitoring

De-risk your investment with planning permits intel (AU/NZ only)

Exploit GapMaps Planning and Development permit monitoring. Cordell Connect subscribers can visualise local planning permits to understand the short-term competitor or demand driving investments in a catchment. Identify where a new competitor location may be developed or where subdivisions or generators are planned.

Curated Datasets

Refine your understanding of the population within a catchment

To help you understand catchments better, GapMaps curates data and metrics that are most relevant to your country and sector, including the latest census demographic data, population changes, socioeconomics and much more.

Australian Population Forecast Data

Gain deep insights into population growth

GapMaps Live has forecast Australian population growth estimates for the next 10 years. Find out more about who lives and works in your catchment areas, plan for population shifts over time and improve your decision-making.

Traffic Data

Understand traffic movement patterns across your network

Use traffic data volumes from our official government sources help you drill down into traffic flows. With GapMaps, you can identify which side of a road is ideally suited to your prospective locations to maximise sales.

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Improve your location decisions with GapMaps Live

If you’re looking for one simple, easy-to-use location intelligence platform, you need GapMaps Live. All your growth and investment decisions will be enhanced by the most accurate and comprehensive range of location insights available. Request a demo today to discover the wide range of features and datasets that makes market planning a breeze with GapMaps Live. It’s the only tool you need to make better location decisions, faster.