Getting ready for Australia Census 2021

May 04th 2022

In the coming months the 2021 Census dictionary and data is being released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The ABS will provide a staged release of new Census data in three tranches:

• First release: June 28 2022 — includes key population data

• Second release: October 2022 — includes additional location variables and employment data

• Third release: early to mid-2023 — includes complex topics

It’s no secret that these updates are widely anticipated. Because the census only occurs every five years, we’re all relying on 2016 data at the moment. A lot has changed in five years! That will vary according to your sector, of course, but having the very latest data will be appreciated by all of you.


Benefits of the Census update


With updated datasets and insights from the 2021 census soon to be available in GapMaps Live, this Census update will contribute a number of benefits to GapMaps customers.

It will allow you to:

• gain a more accurate picture of populations living in your catchments with updated information about: age, income, household type, economic potential, household composition, and what jobs they do.

• select locations that have the best economic potential, allowing you to formulate a data-driven strategy based on the latest facts.

• understand who’s working around your catchments now (from Release Two).

“These statistics inform important decisions on a wide range of economic, social, population and environmental matters and the core statistics are used by businesses, the community and government to plan, make decisions, develop services and build infrastructure.”

More accurate data and better insights for GapMaps Live customers


After the first Census release in the middle of 2022, we’ll refresh GapMaps Live data and insights approximately one week after the release. This refresh will include all Census-related data layers (excluding population growth estimates). For customers with Premium Layer Subscriptions, spending forecasts and population forecasts will follow about one month later.

Stay tuned in the coming months for further updates on Census developments as they approach and some exiting new GapMaps Live product features to help you make faster, smarter and surer location decisions.

Toni Newell
Posted by Toni Newell

GapMaps Chief Executive Officer

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