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Important decisions are tough enough, and far trickier when you’re not in control of them.

Dumb data – the old, the imperfect and the convoluted – only muddies the water. Putting your data in the hands of costly consultants removes you even further. And an opinionated and subjective approval chain can unravel everything.

When we started in 2013 to help people make better decisions, it was about making things simpler. But simplifying is very, very complicated.

Finding the best data out there was fundamental. Data that is clean, transparent, and relevant. And if it doesn’t exist, we build it. Then we took it away from the spreadsheets, so you didn’t need an aeronautical degree to figure out a mapping platform. And then we had to figure out how to put our 100+ years of experience and knowledge into your hands.

Everyday we listen to our hundreds of customers and thousands of users around the world. By taking the time to understand how you think about your business, we can overlay you, your sector, and your business meaningfully over our facts and expertise. So everyone can understand it.

It means every decision you make is informed, aligned, and you’re in total control of it.

How We Help

We’re the experts in location intel.

We know what your business, your competitors, and your customers are doing and where the future is going. We deliver what you need, when you need it, in the way you need it.

GapMaps Live - Location Platform

GapMaps Live

Location Platform

GapAdvisory - Business Strategy


Business Strategy

GapInsite - Industry Intel


Industry Intel

Who We Help

The world’s most successful brands, across all kinds of  sectors, all kinds of categories, all kinds of countries.

We help The world’s most successful brands, across all kinds of  sectors - Dominos
We help The world’s most successful brands, across all kinds of  sectors - Tesco Lotus
We help The world’s most successful brands, across all kinds of  sectors - Subway
We help The world’s most successful brands, across all kinds of  sectors - Starbucks Coffee
We help The world’s most successful brands, across all kinds of  sectors - KFC
We help The world’s most successful brands, across all kinds of  sectors - Goodyear
We help The world’s most successful brands, across all kinds of  sectors - Exon Mobil
We help The world’s most successful brands, across all kinds of  sectors - Anytime Fitness

"I recently started the search for a mapping and development software and submitted an online enquiry for GapMaps on the 20th of June 2022. I was contacted by GapMaps that morning and the demo was arranged for the same day. Two days later I signed up to GapMaps and received my login the next day. I have found their assistance incredible throughout the entire setup and training process. I would like to formally acknowledge this level of service because in this day and age it is not commonplace. I am using the system on a daily basis and it has assisted to decrease my due diligence time for sites dramatically and have even referred the system to others. Thank you to you and your team for everything, keep up the good work."

GapMaps quotes

Huw Feeney

Director, Dusk Group

"Without GapMaps we could do due diligence on three future sites a week. Now we can do 50. And we can look at sites from Cairns to Adelaide and make decisions in hours. With the insights from GapMaps in my back pocket, there has never been one occasion where I approached a potential site partner and they said they weren't interested in collaborating. Developers may say, "I can get the same information on RP Data or Google". Anyone who is working this way is wasting their time. As a valuer, why you are not using GapMaps is beyond me."

GapMaps quotes

Retail Fuel Developments

David Browne

“I use GapMaps every day. We visually build out trade areas, create trade data and analyze performance across the group. Good quality data helps pose deeper questions across the business - and this data has a compounding effect - especially when we can leverage it across brands. GapMaps gives the company's directors confidence that we are making decisions based on data, not gut feel. Using a platform like GapMaps helps us build the future of the brand without compromising the integrity of our existing business. Risk increases as your company scales. GapMaps is a powerful risk reduction tool.”

GapMaps quotes

Collective Wellness Group

Jason Stubbings | Head of Franchise Sales and Development

"We have worked collaboratively and successfully with GapMaps Advisory, in particular Tony Dimasi and James Turnbull, for research and insight into the numerous changes which we are seeing and will continue to see in Australia’s retail environment and the nature of shopping centres. GapMaps Advisory combines high quality data and location intel technology with expertise and understanding, built over many years, of retailing and shopping centres in Australia."

GapMaps quotes


Con Brakatselos | General Manager Portfolio Management Commercial Property

"Officeworks uses the GapMaps platform and has also called on the services of GapMaps Advisory, in particular Tony Dimasi, for research and insight to assist in developing our network strategy. GapMaps brings to the table both data and insights in an easy to use platform together with extensive on the ground knowledge and expertise of retailing and retail locations in Australia."

GapMaps quotes


Andrew Baker I Senior Property Development Manager

"Working with the GapMaps team has been a wonderful experience. Gapmaps helped us save time and thousands of dollars making decisions on where to build new schools and they continually seek feedback from us on how to improve what is already a great tool."

GapMaps quotes

Data Analyst


“GapMaps provides the high-quality data and insights necessary for us to develop and refine our network strategy. The GapMaps platform is very simple to use, meaning that we’re better able to connect our business decision making with data and effectively communicate those decisions to stakeholders. The ability to toggle between travel time and radius catchments has greatly improved our understanding of our catchment areas and market coverage.”

GapMaps quotes

Early Childhood Management Services

Andrew Hume | CEO

"Gapmaps helped us make smarter decisions on site location using defined demographics/profiles and ranking areas. Immediacy of information adds significant value in trade discussions"

GapMaps quotes

Food and Beverages

Data and Insights Manager

"Before GapMaps we were using one of the global mapping software products. We’ve found the GapMaps data to be more granular and accurate and the platform is so much easier to use."

GapMaps quotes

Grocery Sector

Business Development Executive

“The only tool you need”
A pleasure to use a software that is rich with multiple layers of data allowing one to quickly ascertain all aspects of a site. There is no Gap Analysis tool better on the market.

GapMaps quotes

Commercial Real Estate

Leasing Executive

"GapMaps has a unique ability to create high quality location intelligence data and insights in some very data-challenged countries. The quality of their data and simple to use platform has enabled me to introduce world class market and network planning processes to businesses where network planning had previously been quite rudimentary."

GapMaps quotes

Eat‘n’ Go Ltd

Pat McMichael Group MD and CEO

Where We Help

Success can be located anywhere in the world.
Let us help you find yours.

New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

Our Leadership Team

You’re better placed with our people

Our team will point you and your business in the right direction.

Anthony Villanti - Managing Director & Founder

Anthony Villanti

Managing Director & Founder

+61 411 098 691

Is known for – his entrepreneurial nature and finding gaps in the market.
Strengths – demographics, mapping and market impact analysis.
Excited by – innovation and developing strong partnerships.

Tim Shaw - Director – Market Planning

Tim Shaw

Director – Market Planning

+61 447 006 130

Is known for – his market and network expertise across many sectors and countries.
Strengths – communicating complex insights simply and effectively.
Excited by – giving clients clear strategy and actionable plans.
Peter Holmes - Chief Operating Officer

Peter Holmes

Chief Operating Officer

+61 414 443 618

Is known for – a strategic mind with knowledge across many multi industries.
Strengths – knowing the detail, every step of the process.
Excited by – helping brands execute at the highest possible level.
Tony Dimasi - Head of GapAdvisory

Maggie Portelli

Director Product Development and Marketing

+61 498 023 288

Is known for – creating meaningful connections and driving collaborative success.
Strengths – stakeholder management and relationship building.
Excited by – leveraging customer insights and impactful product innovation.

Andrew Smith - Director – Economics and Research

Andrew Smith

Director – Economics and Research


Is known for – his ground-breaking analytical techniques.
Strengths – the ability to build data and extract insight. Basically, being right.
Excited by – taking location intelligence to new markets.
James Turnbull - Director GapAdvisory

James Turnbull

Director GapAdvisory

+61 439 700 801

Is known for – being across all consumer, retailer and landlord activities.
Strengths – analytical capability, lateral thinking and know what clients want.
Excited by – solving problems. He loves that stuff!
Tony Dimasi - Head of GapAdvisory

Anita Jennings

Talent Development, HR Projects, Culture Development

+61 417 356 027

Is known for – people development, leading and coaching teams, broad HR & talent management experience.
Strengths – positivity, authenticity and empowering others.
Excited by – making a difference, finding creative solutions, supporting growth and development.
Nick Villanti

Nick Villanti

Chief Technology Officer

+61 430 381 770

Is known for – Bringing innovative ideas to life to improve customer experience.
Strengths – Creating an environment where his team can shine.
Excited by – Making complex tasks simple for clients.