GapMaps in New Zealand

Make more informed location decisions with the most accurate and granular data in New Zealand.

Points of Interest

Identify nearby points of interest including Shopping Centres, Universities, Schools, Public Transport.

Network Planning

View and manage current, closed and future locations in their competitive context.

Catchment Analysis

Demographic reports are available for any point in the country based on a radius, travel time or tailored trade area

Data Insights

Data that you can actually use

We don’t just map census or location data, we build it. Our data insights are developed by combining the most up to date demographic, government and industry data available along with billions of mobile device location points to get a highly accurate view of where your customers come from across all your stores.


Market planning, demographics & customer mapping

In one simple platform, GapMaps reveals the most invaluable location intel. Our real-time data and insights help you quickly understand where your competitors, locations, and customers are. Leading you to the right place for all the right reasons.

You’re in the right place

Based on facts

Latest and most valuable demographic, economic, and social intel that helps you confidently make a decision.

Reliable and trusted

Since 2013, GapMaps has been removing areas of doubt for the world’s most successful businesses.

Granular details

You’re able to see the big picture, and right down to the most granular level, in one simple platform.

New Zealand and beyond

Not just New Zealand, use GapMaps to expand in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, UAE, KSA, Egypt and many others.

To learn more about GapMaps Live, download our flyer or watch our short video.


Here’s the latest location intel

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