Replace static consultant reports

Dimasi Report has the potential to replace the bespoke but static reports currently being produced by consultants for the shopping centre industry. Do more with population projections, detailed trade area expenditure data, market share calculation or sales estimation at your fingertips.

Replace static consultant reports

See Household Spendings

Pick trade areas and refine your network strategy with cumulative data on household spendings

Multi Trade Areas

View the characteristics of households and how they spend their money in multiple trade areas

Segment-Wise Spending

Check how much people spend on each segment like apparels, food, health, entertainment and more

Projections & Forecasts

See in which categories people are likely to spend money in future in different trade areas

Trusted globally by Fortune 500 companies

From emerging franchises to well-established retail businesses, hundreds of successful businesses from a variety of sectors use GapMaps in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, the Middle East, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

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Tony Dimasi

Lead Contact

Tony Dimasi

General Manager Global Business Development | Phone: +61 409 216 450

Widely regarded as the Retail Guru, Tony brings his more than 35 years’ experience in independent analysis and advisory services to the role of General Manager, Global Business Development. Tony’s particular focus is on growing the GapMaps business in the USA, United Kingdom and Europe.

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