GapMaps grows in the Middle East

GapMaps grows in the Middle East

Earlier this year we officially introduced GapMaps to the United Arab Emirates, establishing a partnership with local demographics and property planning data providers to enter the diverse global market.

After a successful launch, we’re pleased to announce we’re expanding our Middle Eastern operations to Saudi Arabia, enabling local and international brands to find the growth opportunities appearing alongside social, economic and tourism developments in the country.

“GapMaps is an easy-to-use and highly valuable tool to better understand the demographics, industries and potential customer base of the expanding Middle Eastern market,” Richard O’Nians, GapMaps General Manager, Strategic Development said.

“The UAE is a hub of economic activity and Saudi Arabia’s retail environment continues to develop, including in ecommerce. Both regions present growth opportunities for a range of sectors, including retail, fuel, fast food and supermarkets. Our platform makes it easy to visualise where the gaps lie, understand relevant data such as population or mobile phone availability, and apply these insights in a practical way to inform strategic network decisions.”

To localise GapMaps, up-to-date data from Middle Eastern providers is supplemented by census information and comprehensive mobile device datasets. Together, the datasets allow our users to understand factors such as population density, traffic density, mobile device availability and use by time of day, areas with high tourism and many other insight integral to making good site decisions.

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