[VIDEO] GapMaps – Making mapping easier for businesses

[VIDEO] GapMaps – Making mapping easier for businesses

Explaining GapMaps from GapMaps on Vimeo.

What is GapMaps and how does it work?

GapMaps is a network strategy, mapping, demographics, and a planning platform. It’s get used at the highest level from a strategic perspective. Clients use the platform to set and refine their distribution strategies. Subsequent to that they use the platform to execute on those strategies by having a solid fact base for making property decisions.

There was never a tool like GapMaps previously. Typically, this type of network planning was done by consultants and experts. With the change in technology and the availability of cloud, Google mapping we have been able to bring very sophisticated mapping tools used by experts to a level that any person can use these mapping tools.

So, we made mapping simple! We have given people the capability of using very sophisticated mapping tools at a click of a button.

Using the GapMaps platform for everyday business decisions

It’s very easy to use and the data it provides enables you to assess the market, where your competitors are, where your locations are. You have got the demographic information at your fingertips to be able to assess where your gaps are, what helps drive your more successful stores, your least successful stores and identify you should be in the market going forward.

Site selection decisions with GapMaps data

The uniqueness of the GapMaps data is that its NOT data prepared for the sake of data. It’s prepared by people who understand network planning, people who use data every day to make decisions for their businesses. So, we are not putting something into the platform just to see it pop up. But we are putting something in to help make a site selection decision for us, because we do it as well, but also for our clients to make the best possible decision they can.

GapMaps has essentially brought all of the information businesses need into one platform. Without having to employ a whole team of experts, businesses are able to have very sophisticated data in front of them to be able to make quick decisions.

How businesses use GapMaps?

Businesses use the platform to identify areas of opportunity, whether it be population, traffic or prosperity indicators as well as seeing competitors and areas of growth in other brands. This allows them to looks for opportunities to expand their networks in the region.

Sectors/ industries using GapMaps

The number of sectors we work in is quite large. We work across:

  • Fast food
  • Retail fuel
  • Auto services
  • Fitness
  • Health care
  • Childcare
  • Aged care
  • And any other sector where data is used as part of a strategy formulation process.

Unique insights at your fingertips

Some of the challenges that the companies and countries that we are dealing in now are that they don’t have adequate census data. So, the problem GapMaps has been able to solve is being able to use technology such as mobile device data to be able to disseminate census data and bring it down to a micro-level. So, if you are a fast-food brand, you can’t look at the populations of 5,00,000 people. You need to look at small areas.

We find the best big data which we can get worldwide, including Uber Media with the mobile device data and the TomTom with their road network data to help estimate:

  • Small area populations
  • Get a handle on the wealth using house price data and other pieces of data
  • How rich people are, where they live and what they might shop on

Manage multiple brands, industries or locations with just one platform

We also work with large corporates that own multiple brands in different industries, but also different regions. The beauty of GapMaps is that we provide one platform that provides the ability to manage those networks across different industries, sectors, and regions. By providing them with the data that they require on each of those sectors, but localised towards the countries they operate within.

Mobile, easy to use, independent and responsive

The fact it is mobile and you can use it anywhere. So, when you are out in the network doing some assessments you can access the data where you are. You don’t have to be in the office to access it. Also, the fact that you don’t have to go to GapMaps to ask for the data all the time, you can get it yourself.

If you do need some help along the way, the GapMaps team is very responsive.

Platform available 24*7

The GapMaps development team works hard to make sure that the services are available 24*7. We rarely have downtime. We probably have 99.9 % uptime. Our backend engineers are experts in the AWS infrastructure and environment. Our front-end engineers are using groundbreaking technology for rendering maps and displaying big data sets.

Which countries can use the GapMaps platform?

The GapMaps platform is currently used through the Asia Pacific region and the Middle East. In the Asia Pacific region, we currently have the platform in:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore

We’ll be progressively introducing the platform into:

  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • Myanmar

GapMaps Advisory – A global consulting service

Sometimes we need to provide our clients with some consulting or Advisory services to assist them to integrate that data into strategy formulation and long term planning processes.

So, GapMaps Advisory helps our clients get the high-level strategy in place and then we work with the clients to set that site level plan to execute on the strategy over a 5 or a 10 year period.

One word to describe GapMaps:

  • Powerful
  • Exciting
  • Insightful
  • Knowledge
  • Flexible
  • Essential

If you are in a network planning, property type role, you need something like GapMaps and in my experience, GapMaps is the best in the market.

– John Dahlenburg, GM Property, Goodyear