GapMaps evolves with new brand identity

GapMaps evolves with new brand identity

Our 2-year-old company has a new look. Established on July 1, 2014, as the first cloud-based network planning, mapping and demographic platform in Australia we now have a new brand image and logo to reflect the maturity from a start-up brand to becoming a Company.

With a client base now extending through Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Singapore, it felt like the right time to renew the brand and logo to reflect who we are and to take us forward into the future.

To help us, we engaged brand identity and communication designers, Meijer, to challenge our thinking, provide creative content and guide us through the process.

Strong brands and their logos are easy to identify. The swoosh of the Nike symbol. The silhouette of an Apple. The timeless quality one identifies with the General Electric logo. As an organisation evolves, it’s important to step back and look at where you are and where you want to be and ask the hard question “Does our current logo still represent who we are and where we want to be?”.

Engaging local Melbourne based brand identity and communication designers, Meijer, GapMaps set about finding a new brand direction. “I was reluctant early on to change our logo too much,” says Anthony Villanti, Founder & Managing Director of GapMaps. “As the process evolved, I realised it had served us well, but with how our product is developing we needed something fresh that had a depth and breadth to it.”

As Tim, Founder of Meijer explains “A marker is just that. A marker. Not much has changed over the years for the simple place marker. If anything we have seen them so much they’ve become a little regular and expected. It does, however, serve a purpose. People already identify with it, and it’s effective at communicating what GapMaps does quickly.” Working with Tim we broke it down into four core focus areas:

“For GapMaps, I wanted a dynamic and vibrant colour pallet the brand could own,” says Tim. “I landed on the eight colours as they represented where the brand had come from with the Cyan and then created a point of difference with the balance.”

“It was certainly brighter than expected,” says Tim Shaw, CEO of GapMaps, “but we liked it from the start. Once we saw how Tim wanted to use the pallet with the Logo we could see the direction he was going.” The font needed to be unique and modern to represent the brand and the Tag Line needed to sum up the complexities of GapMaps is in just a few words. “We explored a few new tag lines, but in the end, we decided our existing one explained it best,” says Anthony.

So today, we see the evolution of the GapMaps logo.

From this:

To this:

“We’re excited by the final result,” says Anthony. “The work that Meijer did captured our brand personality. At the core is innovation. It’s simple, smart, powerful and reliable – all qualities we want to impart to our products.” Designing a new logo is only the first step in the rebranding journey. GapMaps will continue to work with Meijer as the brand further matures.