GapMaps and Pacifecon: see what’s coming in your market

GapMaps and Pacifecon: see what’s coming in your market

In a world of Big Data, opportunities arise for GapMaps to partner with complementary data service businesses to create additional functionality and meaning for our clients. Our work with CoreLogic and their Cordell and Property Information Monitor (PIM) datasets has been extremely well received by Australian clients. Less is known about our important and growing relationship with Pacifecon in New Zealand.

Pacifecon are leading providers of construction intelligence for New Zealand and the Pacific islands. Their locally connected researchers liaise with key decision makers in the construction industry to compile thorough, timely and accurate information on a wide range of building projects from the earliest planning stages.

Pacifecon’s capability to track and update building projects from early planning to execution, coupled with the government, industry and demographic data already in the GapMaps platform, creates clear value for clients. It paints the complete picture for businesses analysing sites for potential development or expanding current networks, by offering a view of existing and planned development.

The data equips our clients with the power to identify projects in the region that will drive future customer growth, network opportunities or threats and gain access to early warnings of competitor activity within existing or future markets. Essentially, these insights provide a comprehensive view of current and planned projects, which could be the difference between good and bad network decisions.

“The integration and visualisation of Pacifecon’s resource and building consent data has been extremely valuable for BestStart. When planning new locations and conducting feasibilities, we can better understand catchment area growth activity and de-risk our investment through the identification of future competitor activity.” said Cindy Young, New Development Analyst, BestStart Education and Care Centres.

Andrew Bowie, General Manager Business Improvement at G.A.S, agrees.

“In a competitive market like ours, where customers have lots of choice, utilising GapMaps’ extensive industry, demographic and competitor data insights is critical to our network strategy.  The ability to overlay Pacifecon’s planned construction and capital investment activity means we have the ability to prioritise business decisions to make sure we stay match-fit.”

To find out how GapMaps and Pacifecon data together can support your business in New Zealand please contact Alex Wardle (General Manager New Zealand on +64212454719.)pacifecon