Driving network decisions with GapMaps

Driving network decisions with GapMaps

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are almost as many cars in Australia as there are people. What’s our favourite type of car and what fuel does it use? A new layer in GapMaps can tell you, identifying the number of cars by fuel type (ULP, diesel, LPG, electric) in each postcode, as well as the make and model.

The insights, which are based on ABS data, are very interesting for petrol retailers as a means of informing and validating location and product mix decisions to meet the needs of different areas. They also provide an early indicator on thphe location demand for electric vehicles and re-charging.

Looking at the figures, Australia’s pick of car manufacturer is Toyota, with almost 4 million driven across the country. Holden and Ford come in at second and third place respectively.

Interestingly, while sustainability continues to make national headlines, the nation’s electric vehicle purchasing remains slow-going. Electric vehicles – including 737 Teslas – make up only a small proportion of total cars on the road.

Many other insights like this are provided through the new GapMaps fuel type layer, but the dataset is only part of the puzzle. Through our platform, clients from the automotive or fuel industries are able to identify other relevant information, such as the number of cars per household.

Together, the data offers a range of insights that can be used to analyse the fuel need in specific locations and identify areas for growth.

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