Broadening our functionality with Cordell

Broadening our functionality with Cordell

In November last year, we announced an exciting partnership with CoreLogic; a move which allowed us to broaden GapMaps’ functionality by adding leading town planning data provided by Cordell. A year on, the Cordell model is painting the complete picture for clients analysing sites for potential development or expanding existing networks.

We know our clients often seek integrated mapping platforms which can provide value across multiple areas of business. Rather than extend our capability outside our core network planning and demographics expertise, we instead look for opportunities to partner with companies who can complement and broaden the functionality of the GapMaps platform – and this is where our relationship with Cordell stems from.

Cordell data is sourced from 90,000 hours a year of research and over 660 different inputs from across the building industry. When this powerful information is viewed through the GapMaps platform, it allows users to see planned developments alongside existing networks; providing important insights that can mitigate risky decisions and make the difference between a good and bad site selection. Clients are also able to build defensive strategies to better protect their existing points of distribution, as potential market threats can be foreseen.

“The integration of Cordell data to the existing GapMaps platform has de-risked many of our investment decisions. We consult the data regularly, and the benefit of foresight has allowed us to not only understand the outlook for a site we’ve identified – but also find opportunities for new locations. This intelligence coupled with the GapMaps platform means we are continually enhancing and simplifying our network planning process,” said Matthew Rodrigues, Chief Property Officer at Cornerstone Health.

The integration has already proven insightful and applicable for many different clients, and this is only the first phase. We have plans to extend the partnership further through other valuable data sets that will continue to enhance the GapMaps experience. Watch this space!

Stay tuned for more updates on our global partnerships – or read about a similar relationship with Pacifecon in New Zealand. If you’d like to find out more about GapMaps and Cordell, contact