Powered by People: Anita Jennings on having creative & flexible solutions for client relationships

Powered by People: Anita Jennings on having creative & flexible solutions for client relationships

GapMaps may be a digital platform, but it’s made possible by a talented team that loves working with clients and finding solutions. Our ‘Powered by People’ series will introduce you to them, one by one.

Meet Anita Jennings. She is our Client Services Manager who works closely with our clients for onboarding and training purposes. We spoke to Anita about her work experience, her role at GapMaps, her take on building client relationships, and her favourite things to do. Read on.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My biggest passions are people and my career experiences have always revolved around people in some way – a bit of a “people campaigner”.  Whether its helping people to be the best version of themselves, taking them on a journey, supporting them or being a sounding board – it’s always at the heart of what I do.
Having been a dancer from a very young age and for 18 years there’s a bit of a creative/theatrical side to me!

Can you tell us about your previous work experiences?

I have spent most of the last 25 years working in Human Resources – with a core focus on recruitment and talent management. My career began in agency recruitment – where I managed a broad portfolio of clients across a variety of industries. I then spent the last 12 years working in consumer products working in in-house recruitment/HR and more recently worked in the People team for a global mining company. My roles have always had internal or external stakeholder management and my main areas of work have been across talent development, coaching, culture development, systems and people management.

What’s your role with GapMaps?

Client Services Manager – working with our existing clients from onboarding through to day to day account management, system training and working with the clients to ensure the GapMaps system aligns to their strategic requirements.

What’s the most exciting part of your role in GapMaps?

Building long-term partnerships with clients and developing a true business partnership. Coming up with creative solutions/thinking outside the box.

What do you think of GapMaps as a platform? How can businesses leverage this tool?

I think the GapMaps platform is a fantastic business tool. Whilst only new to the business I can already see the many benefits and applications it has for any organisation that has multiple locations or intending to expand – where real-time data influences their decision making. I like the flexibility and versatility of the system and the fact that it caters to all businesses from small/start-up to global organisations. I think the fact that anyone in an organisation can utilise the tool to make strategic and informed decisions using the latest/real-time data is one of the platforms many benefits.

What’s the most important thing about building client relationships?

Developing a partnership and truly getting to know your client’s business – the issues they are trying to solve and finding the best way to add value to both their roles and their organisation.

I also believe having creative and flexible solutions is also very important in a client relationship.

If you could sum up the GapMaps platform in one word, what would it be?


What do you like to do in your free time?

I’m a bit of a creative buff so I will always look for or be a resource to others for anything creative from present ideas to event organising and children’s activities – so I’ve usually got at least one creative project on the go!

The thing I most love to do in my free time is to spend time with my family and our ever-growing extended family.

Tell us your favourites:

  • Cuisine: Italian – anything Italian but a great meat ragu sauce is always a winner
  • Movie or Book (both): Sisters
  • Holiday destination: Venice, Italy
  • Most useful app on your phone: Whatsapp
  • Social media platform:  LinkedIn