Refining Network Strategy & Location Decisions in India, Indonesia, Hong Kong & Middle East

May 23rd 2019

At GapMaps we are committed to make data meaningful for our clients and help them make fact-based decisions. We have helped businesses in Australia & New Zealand refine their network strategy for their physical site locations. Now, we are bringing our easy-to-use GapMaps platform to India, Indonesia, the Middle East and Hong Kong.

GapMaps is an extremely valuable tool for businesses seeking to expand in Asian and Middle Eastern countries where data has traditionally been limited in range, often dated and almost always very expensive.

“By blending traditional census data with digitally-sourced ‘big data’, GapMaps have built current and accurate insights at micro market levels, enabling valuable insights to be created.”

Retailers and other businesses in these ‘data challenged’ countries can now use the GapMaps platform to set & refine network distribution strategies and make fact-based location decisions.


GapMaps platform can help businesses:


– Define a catchment area for retail locations

– Understand catchment demographics, spending power and consumer segments

– Understand the demographics of an area

– Perform trade area analysis or catchment analysis

– Understand the supply & demand factors for their business within the catchment

– Track competition

– Find new locations using fact-based analysis to minimise expansion risks and maximise sales potential

– Understand cannibalisation for an existing store location

GapMaps delivers unparalleled analytical capabilities on a very cost-effective basis. Clients get immediate access to location data and insights in an interactive and interpretive environment. The platform has been specifically designed to ensure the user interface is both extremely simple and powerful – no technical GIS capability is required!


How GapMaps Gets Data & Blends It on the Platform?


GapMaps collaborate with trusted data partners. We have a rich and strong ecosystem of partner organisations working globally to source the latest location-based data.

Andrew Smith, Head of Research & Economics at GapMaps, explains,“Blending census data, property data and mobile device insights, GapMaps understands the spending power of residents at a micro level. In markets where census data is outdated or incomplete, GapMaps provides unique local level insights, allowing clients to better understand their business and future market potential.”

Does location strength have a bearing on outlet performance for your business? If so, GapMaps can add great value to your development processes and help you drive profitable business growth. Any business for which location matters can be benefitted with the GapMaps platform. Sectors that can use GapMaps platform:

– Fast Food & Quick Service Restaurants
– Café & Coffee Retail
– Automotive & Fuel Retail
– Childcare
– Grocery & Convenience Retail
– Multi-brand Retail
– Fitness
– Insurance
– And more

We have our experts on the ground with huge local experience in India, Indonesia, Middle East and Hong Kong. Our global team brings in a wealth of experience in network planning from different retail sectors and can consult businesses on how to get started with GapMaps.

We are excited and really looking forward to bringing network analytics and sophisticated mapping functionality to these new markets.

If you have any questions for us or need a closer look at our platform, feel free to reach out us at

Tim Shaw
Posted by Tim Shaw

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