Gaining location insights in data poor countries

Feb 27th 2019

In countries rich with reliable data, one of the key challenges is understanding data in a meaningful way, rather than accumulating ‘nice to have’ information. In countries with minimal or no availability of such data, the difficulty is in gaining any insights at all.

Using innovative methodologies and techniques, GapMaps is increasingly able to provide a highly effective platform for analysis – even in these data poor countries.

GapMaps covers Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya providing clients with blended data and mobile device data options that help to establish meaningful insights for each country.

Blending mobile device insights with census data provides a statistically robust means of creating micro geography population densities.

Calculating reasonably accurate population count data for store catchments, as an example, is now possible in countries, cities and regions where the census has been unable to provide sufficiently granular data. Our approach to amalgamating, analysing and mapping mobile device data is providing catchment and population insights never previously seen in data poor countries.

What sorts of insights can be delivered? Mobile device data provides the intelligence needed to explore many pieces of information.

Customer origins for any visitor destination can now be established, quickly, accurately and cost-effectively, all over the world. Such data can tell us, for any location across the globe, exactly how well a shopping centre – or any facility or destination drawing significant numbers of visitors – is penetrating its market.

Proxy measures of wealth/prosperity can be developed using innovative methods, like visits to premium shopping destinations or attendance at prestige universities.

Working with leading data partners we are able to provide cutting edge data, which fills the gap when Census data is not available or is insufficiently detailed or granular.

Location intelligence and retail analytics are changing rapidly. And as a platform at the forefront of this evolution, we’re focused on delivering high quality, cost-effective solutions – for all sorts of locations.

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