Define your factors, find a catchment

Looking for a trade area catchment based on drive time or need to find a trade area based on household expenditure – we have got you covered our Trade Area analysis

Define your factors, find a catchment

Create & manage defined trade areas

Create individual, store or franchise trade areas to get a deeper understanding of supporting demographics & trade potential.

Create & manage defined trade areas

Get rid of the inaccurate, expensive & manual processes

Demographics for a specific trade area obtained through consultants are static, expensive and time-consuming. With GapMaps you can transform the way you analyse a specific trade area. Get more precise and relevant data at your fingertips.

Define & analyse trade areas, quickly & easily

Customise Trade Areas

Use the GapMaps platform to create trade areas of any radius, shape, drive time or distance

Save Results, Multiple Times

Use any location repeatedly and save results multiple times - no limits at all

Immediate Demographics Data

Demographics data is immediately available for any size of trade area

View Market Coverage

View all trade areas based on locations, both existing and planned

Richard O’Nians

Lead Contact

Richard O’Nians

General Manager Strategic Development

Richard is a highly regarded General Manager with extensive experience in sales and strategic management. He brings to GapMaps a wealth of experience with a track record of delivering business outcomes and strategic change across a range of roles in the Australian banking industry.

Need to manage trade areas?

Get in touch with us and let us know your requirements. We’ll provide you with the right data, tailored for your business needs.