Harnessing GPS Information to Offer Location Insights

Customer Location Mapping with Location Data

Mobile Device Data is a game-changer in terms of how retailers can substantiate network planning decisions and model their catchment areas. A powerful combination of data that is real-time, large scale, continuous, flexible, easily replicable across locations or time periods, and most importantly cost-effective.

Harnessing GPS Information to Offer Location Insights

Customer Location Mapping for Any Location

Establish your primary trade areas by identifying customer density during common day time, evening or night. GapMaps can help you obtain and analyse mobile device data for any location in the world where mobile phones are extensively used.

Forecast Trade Area Overlaps And Sales Cannibalisation

Understand Daytime & Night Time Population

Establish your primary trade areas, identify customer density and visualise population density at a micro level. Identify network opportunities based on where people work or live or both.

Establish, Identify, Refine Trade Areas

Create primary trade catchments, do customer location mapping and understand the density of customers within and outside of the primary trade area.

Identify Gaps In Market

Understand gap opportunities in the market for new store planning. Quickly determine the level of impact of a potential real estate opportunity and decide if worth pursuing or walk away.

Global Capability

Mobile Device Data can be obtained and analysed, on a consistent basis, for any location anywhere in the world where mobile/cell phones are extensively used.

Cost-effective Solution

As compared to alternatives like customer surveys, which are time-consuming, cumbersome, expensive, and still provide just one point in time observation, and only for a small number of customers; or electronic transactions data, which is far more expensive and not available on a global basis.

Updated & Real-time Data

The data can be used for any location that attracts significant numbers of visitors, be it an individual retail store or shopping centre, quick service restaurant, gymnasium, sports arena, museum, entertainment venue or tourism precinct.

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