Still Managing Network Portfolio on Spreadsheets?

Drive Store Expansion Strategy with Data

Pinning your existing locations on paper maps to manage your portfolio? Still researching for real estate listings to grow your network? Evolve your network strategy planning procedure with GapMaps. Drive your store expansion strategy with the latest insights and data at your fingertips.

Still Managing Network Portfolio on Spreadsheets?

View Existing Network, Plan Future Network

Establish your network planning and expansion strategy by viewing all your existing locations on thematic mapping. Further, refine your network strategy by searching and saving potential new locations in your account.

Making Data Meaningful

Record Information

Capture site information including documents, research, notes, photos against any site

View Competitor Network

View the locations of your competitors - both existing and upcoming

New Potential Locations

Quickly search and access any potential locations for your store expansion strategy

View & Manage Locations

Save, capture, download reports for your existing network distribution with our network portfolio management tool

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