Understand your industry inside out

GapMaps can offer industry-specific data for any industry. Understand the size of your industry, industry performance, market trends, competitors, financial performance and Government restrictions or licensing. Get these deep insights with just a few clicks, anywhere, anytime.

Understand your industry inside out


Use industry data for place approvals and long day care needs

Aged Care

Use industry data for bed funding approvals

Fuel Brands

Use industry data to maintain fuel prices & margins

Hotel & Gaming

Use industry data to maintain a demand-supply ratio

Who can use industry data?

Businesses that are keen to grow at par with their industry standards use our platform for industry data. GapMaps has been helping the hotel industry, gaming industry, medical industry, childcare businesses, aged care businesses and fuel industry with trusted industry data.

Get access to government & industry data sources

Visualise Data

GapMaps platform visualises the industry data into easy to understand thematic mapping and graphs

Trusted Partners

We source our industry data from most trusted sources, including Roy Morgan, OPIS, MDS

Customer Insights

Get deeper customer insights. View the market size & retail expenditure within hundreds of categories

Historical & Forecasts

Get insights about any industry from historical data as well as projections for future with industry forecasts

Latest Data

We bring in the latest and the most updated industry data to our platform

Supply-Demand Curve

Understand the supply and demand curve with deep industry insights

Richard O’Nians

Lead Contact

Richard O’Nians

General Manager Strategic Development

Richard is a highly regarded General Manager with extensive experience in sales and strategic management. He brings to GapMaps a wealth of experience with a track record of delivering business outcomes and strategic change across a range of roles in the Australian banking industry.

Need industry data?

Get in touch with us and let us know your requirements for industry data. We’ll provide you with the right data, tailored for your business needs.