Every Market Gap is an Opportunity

Data for Retail Expansion or Site Selection

Look into the direction where none of your competitors are looking and find the best opportunities. Whether you are looking for a retail global expansion opportunity or a new store opening – get a head start into the areas which have the potential to grow but are still untapped.

Every Market Gap is an Opportunity

Go By Location Potential & Not By What's Available

It’s a huge risk to invest in retail site selection methods that can’t be verified for profitability. Never go by the blanket approach of what’s available in the market, rather ask where are the hidden opportunities. GapMaps can support your retail international expansion plans as our platform is available in more than 12 countries.

Go By Location Potential & Not By What's Available

Analyse a Location Through Multiple Lenses

All untapped locations are not the best locations. Compare and analyse new store opening opportunity through different parameters, like population, competition, supply-demand ratio, traffic volume, population forecast and more.

Use Gaps Finder to Prioritise Opportunities

Build Future Growth Strategy

Translate your key business drivers into your strategy. Search & find locations that match your current and future retail expansion plans

Gaps Now & In Future

Find current gaps in the market. Also, view the future gaps based on future developments coming up and population forecasts

Prioritise Retail Expansion

Rapidly identify and prioritise opportunities for new locations using our precise, fact-based, demographically driven methodology

Retail Network Insights

Find retail supply and demand insights crucial for retail sector categories.

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