How GapMaps Can Help you Find Customers?

Sales Territory Mapping

Include key drivers like population forecasts and housing development in your analysis

Tailored Reports

Create tailored reports for any location in order to find gaps in areas with target customers

Demographics Online

Request a demographics report for any location and radius

Dimasi Report

Get deeper insights on catchments and population forecasting

Still Investing in Locations Based on Assumptions?

Local knowledge and assumptions are not the foolproof way to invest in new site locations. Moreover, the data present online is either inaccurate or scattered and difficult to make sense of.

Know More About Customers in your Catchment

Get deeper insights about your customers in your targeted catchments with our customer data analytics. View their household patterns, income, social status, growth potential and more.

Find Locations with Similar Demographics

Customer Profiling & Customer Data Analytics

If you know the characteristics of your target market, it’s not hard to find them. GapMaps can help you with the latest customer data analytics. Replicate the existing successful store model in new locations with similar demographics.

Find Locations with Similar Demographics

Refine Network Strategy & Location Decisions

GapMaps platform can blend traditional census data with digitally-sourced ‘big data’ to create current and accurate insights at micro market levels. Use the data insights from GapMaps platform for customer profiling, competitor analysis or sales territory mapping.

Refine Network Strategy & Location Decisions

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