Unlock the potential of your business data

Most of the businesses collect a lot of customer data but never do anything with it. Business data can be turned into rich and meaningful insights – that can be further used to refine business strategies.

Unlock the potential of your business data

Benchmark your business against industry

Use your business data to benchmark your business performance against industry data and competitor data.

Consulting service for complex business data

Our experienced network strategists and consultants can even work with you to help you understand and analyse complex business data.

Consulting service for complex business data

Import Data

Easily import business data & generate analysis reports

Visualise Data

Visualise data thematically as location points

Combine Data

Combine business data with industry or Government statistics

Better Decisions

See market share, customer distribution & identify potential catchments

Richard O’Nians

Lead Contact

Richard O’Nians

General Manager Strategic Development

Richard is a highly regarded General Manager with extensive experience in sales and strategic management. He brings to GapMaps a wealth of experience with a track record of delivering business outcomes and strategic change across a range of roles in the Australian banking industry.

Need to analyse your data?

Get in touch with us and let us know your requirements. We’ll provide you with the right analysis tools, tailored for your business needs.