2021 Retail Network Report – Petrol Retail

Feb 24th 2022

We are excited to share our latest Retail Network Report for the Petrol Retail sector. This report provides you with insights on growth we’ve observed in the Petrol Retail sector over the past 12 months across all major brands in Australia to keep you informed on the changing competitive landscape.

Our analysis includes a summary of all new store openings & closures across each brand and you can drill down into unique insights such as provision of stores (stores per million residents) across all Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities.

Here’s a snapshot of what we observed in 2021:

Young lady in the shopping centre holding mobile phone in the hand

• There were 219 store openings across the 12 brands tracked.
• Growth in locations led by BP (80 new locations) as well as United (36 new locations) and Metro Petroleum (24 new locations).
• Growth focused in the major metropolitan areas as well in towns with less than 10,000 residents. Major brands operate up to 60 stores per million residents (16,000 residents per store).

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Posted by Toni Newell

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