Do More with Location Data

Location Analytics

Need data specific for any location or catchment? GapMaps offers the capability to pick locations

Analytical Capability

Data shouldn’t be static. Along with the data, GapMaps also offers the analytical capabilities

Prioritise & Visualise

There is a lot of location data. With GapMaps you can easily prioritise and visualise a huge amount of data


GapMaps is the most cost-effective way to view & manage location data or customer demographics

Use GapMaps Platform

Easily view data thematically and identify populations. Create tailored demo reports for any location, without any limits.

Request Demographics Online

Another inexpensive, fast, quick and easy way to get target market demographics. Get a readymade report in your inbox. Choose from a variety of reports – radius or drive time – and include projection data.

Cost-effective and Valuable Insights

Businesses often spend a huge amount of money to get retail location analytics through consultants. Even then, the insights are static and one-dimensional. GapMaps can replace consultants by providing you access to our cloud-based platform where data is literally at your fingertips.

Target Market Demographics

Looking for customer demographics? GapMaps can offer demographic variables like population count by specific age bands, household counts and size, median incomes, worker population numbers and occupation types. Businesses can also use GapMaps to check the distance to the nearest business generator like a reference brand.

Location Analytics in Retail Can Be a Game Changer

Get Accurate Location Analytics in Retail

GapMaps enables businesses to use location insights for population, demographics, consumer spending, market performance and more. With such unique and relevant data at their fingertips, businesses overcome the risk of site failures and losses.

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