Location insights can be a game changer

GapMaps enable businesses to use location insights on population, demographics, consumer spending, market performance and more. With such unique and relevant data at their fingertips, businesses overcome the risk of site failures and losses.

Location insights can be a game changer

Valuable insights that are cost-effective as well

Businesses often spend a huge amount of money to get location insights through consultants. Even then, the insights are static and one-dimensional. GapMaps can replace consultants by providing you access to our cloud-based platform where data is literally on your fingertips.

Do more with location data

Location Specific

Need data specific to any location or catchment? GapMaps offer the capability to pick locations

Analytical Capability

Data shouldn’t be static. Along with the data, GapMaps also offers the analytical capabilities

Prioritise & Visualise

There is a lot of location data. With GapMaps you can easily prioritise and visualise a huge amount of data

Cost Effective

GapMaps is the most cost-effective way to view & manage location data or demographics

Use GapMaps Platform

Access to thousands of data sets tailored to your business needs. Easily view data thematically and identify populations easily. Create tailored demo reports for any location, without any limits.

Request Demographics Online

Another inexpensive, fast, quick and easy way to get demographics for any location. Get a readymade report in your inbox. Choose from a variety of reports – radius or travel time – and include projection data.

Richard O’Nians

Lead Contact

Richard O’Nians

General Manager Strategic Development

Richard is a highly regarded General Manager with extensive experience in sales and strategic management. He brings to GapMaps a wealth of experience with a track record of delivering business outcomes and strategic change across a range of roles in the Australian banking industry.

Need demographics or location data?

Get in touch with us and let us know your requirements for demographics or location data. We’ll provide you with the right data, tailored for your business needs.