What if we provide you the traffic flow by day and time?

It can be a game changer for many businesses if they know the flow of passing traffic at different times of the day. With GapMaps platform, you get deep traffic insights at your fingertips.

What if we provide you the traffic flow by day and time?

Who can use traffic insights?

Any business that depends on the traffic flow and volume at their physical location can use our traffic insights. Leading QSR brands, fuel stations, shopping centres, car yards, convenience retail stores, and supermarkets use our platform to get latest traffic data.

How our traffic insights can refine your network strategy?

Informed Decisions

Make more informed decisions for your site locations with all the traffic data in front of you

Detailed Insights

Our Traffic Insights are very comprehensive. View time driven on road and traffic flow by days or by time

Trusted Data

Traffic density captured via TomTom enabled by satellite navigation

Capture Point

State road authority data displayed at the capture point

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