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Uber Media

Collects mobile location data from a variety of sources and aggregates them into location intelligence, and media measurement


Leverages the data from multiple CoreLogic products to help uncover valuable property insights before your competition

Roy Morgan

Australia’s best known and longest established market research company for reliable, accurate, meaningful, market research


Accurate and precise real estate data for buying, selling, renting or simply browsing


Derives data from Australia’s federal, state and territory governments and our private sector partners

Maps Of India

Offers demographics, political and geographical boundaries for states, districts, cities, villages in India

Tom Tom

Offers navigable maps for 169 countries and territories, covering over 51+ million km of navigable roads globally

PIM Module

Property Information Monitor (PIM) leverages CoreLogic data to explore commercial sales information across retail, industrial office and other commercial sectors in Australia

Trusted globally by Fortune 500 companies

From emerging franchises to well-established retail businesses, hundreds of successful businesses from a variety of sectors use GapMaps in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, the Middle East, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

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Anthony Villanti

Lead Contact

Anthony Villanti

Managing Director & Founder

Anthony recognised the convergence of technology, mapping and big data and developed an industry-leading network planning and strategy platform. Combining his entrepreneurial nature with his experience in demographics, mapping, market research and network strategy in the fast food sector, GapMaps was created. He is excited to lead the Company through Innovation, Global Expansion and developing Partnerships.

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