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The GapMaps team continually analyse different sectors and our data represents the most updated view of physical network locations in Australia. We try our best to present this information in an easy-to-read and analyse format.

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Find out what every site movement means for your sector and how it can impact your network strategy

Market Share

Find out who is driving industry growth, as well as the companies increasing their market share

Consumer Insights

How new brands entering the market or the ones exiting reflect changing consumer preferences

Emerging Brands

With the changing dynamics, discover who they are, as well as which brands are beginning to emerge

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Our Network Retail Reports are an invaluable insight for retailers, developers and those with an interest in the changing dynamic of the retail sectors in Australia. You can order your copy of these reports at a very reasonable price.

Richard O’Nians

Lead Contact

Richard O’Nians

General Manager Strategic Development

Richard is a highly regarded General Manager with extensive experience in sales and strategic management. He brings to GapMaps a wealth of experience with a track record of delivering business outcomes and strategic change across a range of roles in the Australian banking industry.

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