Latest & updated data from trusted sources

We fetch and combine the latest data from our trusted partners, to offer you an unbiased and complete view of any location. Enable fact-based decisions by eliminating the risk of site failures.

Latest & updated data from trusted sources


No specialised roles or technical GIS capability required

Multiple Logins

Administrators can enable individual user profiles

Latest Data

Our data is updated on a regular basis

Trusted Sources

Data is sourced from industry experts and government bodies


Work Collaboratively: Connect your apps, data, devices with 24/7 platform access and no restrictions on users

Global Capability

GapMaps platform can be utilised for any country for which a reasonable level of spatially enabled data is available


No more expensive consulting report or an in-house analytics and mapping team

No Static reports

Platform that is continuously evolving with advanced features

Trusted globally by Fortune 500 companies

From emerging franchises to well-established retail businesses, hundreds of successful businesses from a variety of sectors use GapMaps in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, the Middle East, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

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