Latest & updated data from trusted sources

We fetch and combine the latest data from our trusted partners, to offer you an unbiased and complete view of any location. Enable fact-based decisions by eliminating the risk of site failures.

Latest & updated data from trusted sources


No specialised roles or technical GIS capability required

Multiple Logins

Administrators can enable individual user profiles

Latest Data

Our data is updated on a regular basis

Trusted Sources

Data is sourced from industry experts and government bodies


Work Collaboratively: Connect your apps, data, devices with 24/7 platform access and no restrictions on users

Global Capability

GapMaps platform can be utilised for any country for which a reasonable level of spatially enabled data is available


No more expensive consulting report or an in-house analytics and mapping team

No Static reports

Platform that is continuously evolving with advanced features

Trusted globally by Fortune 500 companies

From emerging franchises to well-established retail businesses, hundreds of successful businesses from a variety of sectors use GapMaps in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, the Middle East, Indonesia, and Nigeria.

Anthony Villanti

Lead Contact

Anthony Villanti

Managing Director & Founder

Anthony recognised the convergence of technology, mapping and big data and developed an industry-leading network planning and strategy platform. Combining his entrepreneurial nature with his experience in demographics, mapping, market research and network strategy in the fast food sector, GapMaps was created. He is excited to lead the Company through Innovation, Global Expansion and developing Partnerships.

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