Projecting Populations

Projecting Populations

Australia recently hit the 25 million people mark… 33 years ahead of schedule. What might the population look like in 2031 and what is the predicted growth trajectory over that period? Using the ABS’ Estimated Resident Population (ERP) data series and other public data, GapMaps Population Projections can now show you.

Drawing on these official population estimates for each small area, our expert team have independently compiled annual population projections from 2018 through to 2031. These insights are available in GapMaps for all cities, towns and even your store trading catchments.

We’ve meticulously sourced the most detailed and reliable estimates of future population growth available for each area across the country, and this information forms the basis of the small area growth estimates adopted in our platform.

To ensure accuracy, the results are corroborated for municipalities, regions – such as capital city areas – and total states. The Population Projections will be updated each year, following release of the ABS annual ERP series.

If you are a GapMaps user, you can start understanding the country’s population movement by generating a demographic report or viewing the data thematically across the Australian map today.