New childcare insights available through GapMaps

New childcare insights available through GapMaps

The most recent quarterly update identifying under-supplied areas for childcare is now available through GapMaps, thanks to a new layer: LDC – S/D Census 2016 (2018Q2).

Presented as an SA2 thematic map with supporting data, clients can immediately identify those areas where the ratio of children aged 0 to 4 years to long day care places is relatively high. The insights enable clients to carefully target new childcare developments and acquire existing facilities where there is a demand-side opportunity to grow occupancy.

We provide a comprehensive array of data and insights for the childcare sector including Cordell planning application data, primary school locations and student numbers, childcare fees, population growth forecasts, household incomes and age banded population densities and distribution.

The data and insights available through our platform enable developers, investors and childcare operators to invest with greater confidence and target consistently higher returns.

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