Most Comprehensive Insights for the Indonesian Retail Market – Now Available on GapMaps

Most Comprehensive Insights for the Indonesian Retail Market – Now Available on GapMaps

After experiencing a slowdown in the last 3 years, the Indonesian retail sector is looking to grow by 5-10% this year (Source). But, with the growth in population, growing consumer wealth and the shift in consumer behaviour, the Indonesian retail sector is more competitive than ever.

Are you a part of the Indonesian Retail Sector?

Indonesian consumers have increasing choices with new international and local brands entering the market every day. If you are involved in developing physical store locations for any sort of retail business in Indonesia, you must know how critical it is to understand who your customers are, where they come from and who the competitors are.

To help you uncover the latest market trends, changing consumer behaviours, future market growth opportunities, competitive threats, and most importantly to plan your network strategy – GapMaps has built deep insights and datasets.

These new data and insights are now live on GapMaps platform and here’s why you should be excited about them:

The Largest List of Retail Data Insights in Indonesia, Updated Regularly

 Do you know, GapMaps platform has over 1 million location points, across 27 industry sectors and tracking over 500 brands globally, coupled with access to 14 trillion mobile device location data points globally and growing every day.

GapMaps - Data and Insights

Yes, we have one of the largest lists of points of interests and location data in Indonesia, which is validated and refreshed ongoing to make sure you have the best data at your fingertips.

Why GapMaps is the First Choice for Indonesian Retailers?

 Well, there are a lot of reasons why GapMaps stands out of all available competitors in Indonesia. Our clients love the insights we provide because our insights are so unique, and no one comes close to it.

Census Desa’s VS GapMaps Grids

1. Micro-level grid units

Our resident, daytime and worker estimated population data comes from 262,000 geographic locations, including rural areas and smaller cities. Whereas most of the competitors use admin regions of Indonesia covering only 77,000 locations.

store catchment analysis

2. Data for even micro-catchments

Our geographic grids have been designed to allow an analysis of micro-catchments. This means with GapMaps you can get a closer look at a location.

Census data cover roughly 800 geographic regions with broadly 30,000 residents per region. This can result in a miscalculation of catchment population and potential.

However, with GapMaps we have created grids at the micro level, covering 60,000 geographic regions with 400 residents per region. This means accurate population and prosperity insights for retail store catchments.

Retail store catchments

What are our key data sources and metrics?

Need help to understand why some retail stores perform better than others? Where should you open your next retail store? How many stores should you open in each city? Or where your competitors are opening or closing stores?

GapMaps platform can provide location insights in a simple and easy to use solution even in data-poor countries. Our platform can bring you real deep insights in an easy-to-analyse manner.

location data Indonesia

What You Can Expect from the GapMaps Platform?

  • Population Insights

    Understand who your customers are and where they are coming from. Where they live or work. Categorically understand your daytime population, worker population and resident’s population – without any overlaps.

  • Demographics Census Data

Understand the profile of customers in a catchment with access to BPS demographic data like:

  • Age
  • Education level
  • Language
  • Relationship in household
  • Schooling status
  • Occupation
  • Employment status
  • Points of Interest

Get an edge with your location when you plan your network around common points of interest like schools, universities, airports, stations, shopping centres and more. View what’s available in and around these areas.

  • Brand Locations

    GapMaps track more than 500 brands globally including all major sectors like café, fast food, QSR, fashion, auto, health, petrol, supermarkets and many more. Understand the presence of these brands which positively or negatively impact your brand.

  • Traffic Data

    Is your business dependent on traffic volume? Like a fuel station or fast food? Get traffic estimates by day and exact time of a day for all significant roads in Indonesia.

  • Customer Personas

    Have a retail business that is driven by different customer personas? Get psychographic insights on consumer behaviour, values, beliefs and attitudes.

  • Mobile Device Data

    GapMaps platform can help you geofence an area and understand common daytime and evening locations of mobile devices observed in that area. Why use mobile device data? Here’s more on that.

Customer demographics Indonesia

GapMaps Prosperity Index

 To help businesses take a closer look at their target market, GapMaps has created a prosperity index which ranges between 1 to 10 and incorporates education, shopping mall visitation, mobile device data, house prices.

The GapMaps prosperity index is available in the platform and has two elements:

  1. Resident Prosperity Index
  2. Worker Prosperity Index

Prosperity Index Indonesia

Most Trusted Data Partners & Sources

We mean it when we say – we make data meaningful. Hundreds of successful brands trust our data and quality to set and refine their network strategy.

GapMaps data is:

  • Accurate
  • Highly reliable
  • Updated & refreshed daily
  • Sourced from trusted sources

Our data partners include:

  • TomTom
  • Uber Media
  • Roy Morgan

Identify new markets & grow their store networks with GapMaps

GapMaps can offer you the data and help you find answers to make fact-based decisions.

With GapMaps, your business will get access to:

  • Demographic data
  • Up to date competitor locations
  • Traffic data
  • High-quality mobile device location data
  • And more

So, contact GapMaps today and request your free trial today.

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