A new layer of insight for the fuel industry

A new layer of insight for the fuel industry

Our newly developed data layer giving insight into retail fuel margins will bring petrol retailers, developers and advisory groups in the industry a powerful strategic advantage.

We’re excited to have partnered with Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), a trusted leader providing price transparency across the global fuel supply chain, to offer this intelligence to clients quarterly. The data represents a rolling six month average of retail petrol margins at a product level (with a three month lag).

Available nationwide, the information can provide a contextualised understanding of retail fuel margins within and across different regions, offering visibility at local site, region, state and national levels. It’s possible to compare margins between regions, as well as at an individual service station level, and identify an outlet’s pricing history over the six month period.

The insights can also go a step deeper by identifying service stations which have been pricing above or below other operators in the same trading areas. The result is fact-based margin analysis; a reliable and integral element for any due diligence investigations undertaken prior to acquisitions or strategy design.

OPIS’ retail fuel margin data complements a range of existing GapMaps layers, including mapped location data, Cordell planning insights, Property Information Monitor commercial property transaction details and our recently integrated mobile device data.

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